About Us

Built By Fishermen, For Fisherman

Designed, Manufactured and Assembled by Fisherman Focused on Performance and Quality!

EYE-FISH was born from the passion of fishing, entire days spent on the lake from dawn till dusk, combined with the desire to create tackle that outperforms all others. We use only premium components and choose to proudly manufacture our products entirely in the USA. Our tackle has been developed by tournament fisherman, charter captains and lifelong passionate fishermen.

Our company is family owned and located in western New York. We are fortunate here to have remarkably well-managed fisheries in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario with Walleye, Bass, Musky, Salmon and Trout that have helped to us develop and perfect our unique, fish-catching products.

We have spent countless hours perfecting the performance of each product so when you toss them over the side you’ll say, “Wow that’s awesome! Love these guys!”

About Our Eye-Fish Lures

Manufactured In-House
We make all of our own blades at our manufacturing facility, and we can stand behind the quality of our products.
Assembled by Hand
Handled with care is an understatement. We assemble our products by hand, in house, ensuring top quality on every product.
Tested and Approved by Walleye
To ensure that our lures are awesome, we caught a lot of Walleye. We mean, a lot of them. They all seemed to agree.